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Our current course offerings include:


Well-Being of Dairy Cattle
Biosecurity for Service Providers
Biosecurity for Animal Handlers
Hospital Management
Special Needs Cow Care
Tail Handling
Newborn Calf Care
Calf Weaning
Calf Transportation
Cow Transportation
Lameness Management
Maternity Management
Milking Technician
Dry Off Procedures
Milk Sampling

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Stockmanship Training Course Preview

Stockmanship is simply defined as “the way we handle cattle”. Good stockmanship utilizes low stress techniques that allows us to communicate to the animals in a way that they can understand. It makes our work more efficient and maximizes the safety for both cattle and workers. This module covers the importance, expectations, and method of good animal handling.

Newborn Calf Care

    Newborn Calf Care Training Course Preview

Newborn calves are the most vulnerable animals on the farm and require the most intensive care. Healthy calves are future of our dairy. This module covers the importance, expectations, and method of caring for newborn calves.

Special Needs Cow Care

    Special Needs Cow Care Training Course Preview

Cows with special needs require extra attention and care to aid their recovery. This module covers the importance, expectations and method of working with cows that are unable to rise.

Maternity Management

    Maternity Management Training Course Preview

Proper care at calving time will minimize stress and maintain a successful transition into the milking herd. This module covers the importance, expectations, and method of caring for cows during their calving process.

Hospital Management

    Hospital Management Training Course Preview

Cows in the hospital have special needs and it is important to ensure that extra care and attention are given to these animals. This module covers the importance and expectations of following protocol, maintaining records, and caring for those animals that need our extra attention and care.

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