Quality Dairies Start With Trained Professionals

As the dairy industry grows and evolves, it is faced with many different challenges. Job roles and training have become more specific and more precise to maximize the care and efficiency of the animals. Consumers want more understanding of where their food comes from and how their food is produced.

DairyKind is a third party system for farms to train and monitor animal well-being practices to provide accountability and transparency through verification to the consumer. The DairyKind seal provides confidence to the consumer that the dairy products they purchase are produced by farms that prioritize animal well-being.

DairyKind Focus:

Created with the expertise of dairy veterinarians, DairyKind provides consistent, employee-focused training that adheres to maximal industry standards. We don’t change dairy protocols – we show how to implement them correctly with the best animal health and well-being practices.

DairyKind Provides:

  •  Training in English and Spanish, with the ability to customize in other languages as well.
  • Web-based training modules that are easily accessible via computer, tablet or smart phone. (See course previews here)
  • Comprehensive training packages or customizable training packages available for your dairy team.
  • Training curriculum can be assigned as teams to different roles on the dairy or to specific employees individually.
  • Documented training certification.
  • Custom reporting can be delivered on schedule.
  • Online organization of dairy specific protocols, SOPs and resources.
  • Customizable dairy protocol posters.
  • DairyKind emphasizes having all FARM Program or other animal welfare standards program requirements identified, completed and documented in a centralized location for our clients. We help gather, compile and store these requirements.
  • Consultations Available

DairyKind, LLC ● info@dairykind.com